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MORE Exploration.What stories, traditions, or events have impacted your life? Discover ideas, images, and objects that have moved people through time. NEH on the Road exhibitions open a window into the experiences and meanings that make us all human. read more

MORE Engagement. Seeking new ways to engage your students or visitors and spark a lifelong adventure of learning? Take them on a journey through time and explore other cultures. NEH on the Road exhibitions provide great ways to deepen student and audience engagement before, during, and after a visit.
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MORE Stories. How can you connect your audience to the stories of people and events that have shaped our world? We'll help show you how. Open up a new world of stories, images, and ideas with an NEH on the Road exhibition.
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House & Home Orientation
The free venue orientation session for House & Home is scheduled for February 2 - 4, 2014 at the University of Mississippi Museum in Oxford, MS. Book the exhibition before October 2013 to participate. NEH on the Road will cover travel, lodging, and food expenses for one representative from each hosting organization.

NEH on the Road Takes on Prohibition
We're thrilled to announce that Spirited: Prohibition in America has joined the NEH on the Road roster and will begin its tour June 2014. Adapted from the National Constitution Centerís flagship exhibition, Spirited explores the history of Prohibition, from the dawn of the temperance movement to the unprecedented repeal of a constitutional amendment in 1933.

On-Site Support
On-site support is now free to the opening venue for every new NEH on the Road exhibition and to first-time hosting venues on a limited basis. Contact our Client Relations department for more information.

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